I grew up in the UK loving nature and traveI. I remember my first camping trips in France and Switzerland as a child, and looking back it was probably those holidays that awoke the wanderlust in me. I left England in my mid 20s and since then have lived in various places before settling in Lisbon, Portugal.

A love of travelling has been a constant in my life but a love of photography developed much later in 2006 whenI bought my first digital camera and attempted to teach myself how to take better pictures of the places I saw rather than just snapshot records.

As I gained experience in photography I started writing blogs and contributing articles to magazines to pass on what I'd learned, and this led to leading workshops, which combined well with my previous career as a teacher.

Now I focus on traveling, shooting landscapes and  teaching photography through workshops and writing.  I'm still inspired by visiting new places and new cultures, from the landscapes to the buzz of the cities, from the people to the food, and when I'm not out travelling or taking pictures I can usually be found at home with my wife planning the “next trip”.



I shoot with Fuji X series cameras and I’m proud to be a brand ambassador for Fuji in Portugal and one of their X Photographers. I currently use a Fuji X-T2 along with various Fujinon lenses. Before switching to Fuji, I spent around 8 years using Nikon dSLRs.

I principally use Lee neutral density filters to control the light for landscape work, along with a Gitzo Mountaineer or Traveller carbon fibre tripod. Post-processing is done using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CC and Nik plug-ins.

Since 2017 I've dedicated more time to learning about and shooting video.  Over the last couple of years video technology has reached a point where it's possible to carry an array of tools for filming without compromising on my photography equipment or on my philosophy of travelling as light as possible. Modern cameras are capable of producing fantastic video as well as still images, and portable drones make it possible to capture a whole range of video and photography and still travel  extremely light.

My aim is to learn how to better harness these amazing tools as well as improving my knowledge of editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, combining both photography and film-making in my travels and teaching.