The Além Lisboa project came about when Rob Butler approached me in early 2016 with the idea of producing the kind of guidebook to the stunning  scenery lying  just outside Lisbon that he felt was waiting to be written.  Within an hour’s drive of the city, but still pretty much off-the-beaten path, lies beautiful countryside and breath-taking coastline, and with ideal walking temperatures all year round he was amazed there wasn't more interest in the area and that no guidebook existed showcasing these natural wonders.

Além Lisboa was born from the desire  to share these hidden places with others through both our comprehensive guide book or on tailor-made walking tours.  You'll be amazed at how much more there is to Portugal's capital city than you know and the beauty that lies beyond Lisbon.

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Lisbon is one of Europe’s most charming and atmospheric capital cities but beyond the winding streets, just an hour’s drive to the west or south, lies some of the most beautiful coastline in Europe.  

But this is no ordinary beach book because, while Lisbon is blessed with fantastic stretches of golden sand ideal for sunbathing, we believe there’s more to a day at the beach than that. So instead, we’re focusing on the “wild” beaches, off-the-beaten-track coves and hidden bays that make up much of this incredible coast and that are ideal for anyone who likes spending time outdoors in beautiful places.  From kayaking to hiking, from photographing the sunset at some of the most remote beaches on the edge of Europe to snorkelling in crystal clear waters, from beaches where you can take your dogs to beaches where you can take your kids rock-pooling, this book has something for everyone. And if all you really want to do is sunbathe and splash in the waves on a truly beautiful beach far from the crowds, well, we’ve got that covered too.

Packed with information on 32 stunning beaches across the whole of Lisbon’s local coastline from west to south, lists of the best beaches for a wide range of different activities, and beautifully photographed throughout, Wild Beaches is your essential guide to time out on this incredible stretch of coast.

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You really don't have to go far out of Lisbon to get off the beaten track, finding yourself amongst some stunning scenery and away from the bustle and crowds of the city.

The area around Lisbon is packed with natural wonders, many of which truly live up to the label “undiscovered”.  Indeed it’s a wonder that many of these places, from waterfalls to caves, peaks to dinosaur footprints aren’t better known, but the geological history of the Lisbon region is perhaps it’s best kept secret and the chances are you might be one of only a handful of people on the trails, or have one of the stunning locations all to yourself.

For each of the locations in this book we’ve described and mapped walking routes which allow you to experience these wonders amongst some magnificent natural surroundings and enjoying all the sights, sounds, and smells of a beautiful landscape. 

All within an hour's drive from the centre of Lisbon, these 19 beautifully photographed walks provide a welcome escape from City life which will appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure and a love of nature.

In bookshops and available online now


Boasting spectacular trails and ideal walking temperatures all year round, the Lisbon region is the perfect place for anyone who likes to get outside, whether for a casual day trip to the countryside or a challenging walk off the beaten track, and we offer expert guided walks for anyone interested in discovering this wonderful part of Portugal.  There’s so much to see, from ancient forests and dramatic coastline to hidden caves and waterfalls, all stunning testament to Portugal’s unique natural and geological history.

We have been providing guided walks in the region for the last four years as a non-profit group that promotes the beauty of the region,  specifically the natural parks: Serra de Sintra and Serra da Arrábida.

We support a foundation for abandoned dogs called Núcleo de Apoio aos Animais Abandonados de Sintra (NAAAS) and each walker is asked to make a donation that will go to NAAAS. Each donation will make a big difference and provide much-needed support for those dogs that are waiting for adoption. 

All hikes can be adapted to accommodate most fitness levels and interests. 

Possible pick up from Carcavelos/Cascais/Sintra Stations or meet in Malviera or Sintra.

Available: Sunday/Monday and most weekday mornings.

Bookings must be made at least 2 days in advance

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West of Lisbon, the most obvious destination is Sintra.  The forest-covered hills here really are beautiful, and there are lots of walks in the area.  From the well known trails around the sanctuary at Peninha, to the lesser visited sights like the rocks of Anta de Adrenunes there’s lots to see here and the woods really are atmospheric places to walk with some stunning views down to the coast.  However, there’s more to this area than many people know.  A little north towards Mafra is a landscape of rolling hills and vinyards with stream-cut valleys and small waterfalls.  It’s rare to see hikers in this part of the country and not at all unusual to have some of these beautiful trails all to yourself.

Of course, it’s impossible to talk about this part of the country without mentioning the coast.  Cabo da Roca is mainland Europe’s most westerly point and the beaches all along the coast are as wild as they are stunning.


When most people think about the area to the south of Lisbon the beach at Portinho da Arrabida comes to mind immediately.  It’s a truly beautiful beach and a favourite among locals.  There’s much more to see here though than the beaches.  The hills in this area offer some beautiful and quite challenging walks, and the area around the monastery at Arrabida is particularly beautiful with breath-taking views across the tree tops and out over the deep blue ocean.  There’s a different feel here to the lush humidity of the Sintra area, and occasionally you could quite easily imagine you’re walking on a Greek island looking down onto the Aegean sea.  The lighthouse and sanctuary at Cabo Espichel are particularly impressive, perched on the edge of dramatic cliffs and there are  some fascinating walks in the area. 



For anyone who has bought the book all of the maps and GPS coordinates for the starts of the walks are available to download to your phone or tablet.  Just follow the link and enter the password given in the introduction of the book.