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I’m a Lisbon based professional landscape and travel photographer.   I'm also a passionate teacher of photography and have been leading group and one-to-one workshops for over five years while my images and photography writing have featured in magazines and publications worldwide.  As well as workshops and travelling I'm also working and partnering  on various book and film projects.

I’m a Fuji X Photographer and a brand ambassador for Fujifilm in Portugal.



In 2016 I started partnering in the Além Lisboa project, a series of guidebooks to some of the unique and lesser known natural wonders of the Lisbon region.  The aim is to highlight some of the stunning countryside and coast that can be found in the area around Portugal's capital city.  The book will be available in bookshops and online in the summer of 2017

You can also download my ebook, Photographing Burma, a complete guide to a photography trip to this amazing country.



At the Edge of the Sea is an hour long film I made with Fuji X Passion about shooting waterscapes on the Portuguese coast.  We spent a couple of days shooting on the wild coast of Cabo da Roca, as well as the more gentle Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisbon looking at my field techniques for everything concerning shooting waterscapes.  From shutter times to capture moving waves, using filters and long exposures, the film captures my entire workflow from setting up on location to getting the best out of the RAW file in post processing as well as featuring some fantastic cinematography from the stunning Lisbon coast.

I’ve been leading workshops in Portugal since 2011 and have been shooting the city and the coastline around Lisbon since I first started photography over a decade ago.  Over that time I’ve gained an incredibly in-depth knowledge of the area, becoming familiar with it’s many stunning locations and how they interact with the light at different times of the year.  I’m passionate about sharing these places, as well as my knowledge and experience of photographing them with other photographers.

For group workshops I’ve got together with Photography Passion to create the absolute premium photography workshops for the Lisbon’s Wild Coast, as well as street photography in the city.  Our aim is to take you to fantastic locations and give you every opportunity to get great images while improving your technique over the course of your time with us through expert tuition in the field, as well as in post processing sessions for the landscape workshops.  

We aim to make your experience here in Portugal a memorable one and a trip from which, as well as getting some great images from beautiful place, you’ll get a real taste of the country enjoying great food, great accommodation and great company in a very special place.