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Italy is one of my favourite countries to visit.   From the lush fields of Tuscany with it's lovely medieval villages set amongst rolling hills that are wreathed in thick dawn mist to the stunning peaks of the Dolomite mountains, the landscape here is as beautiful as it is varied.  I've visited Italy multiple times, and aside from the wonderful scenery it's just such a fantastic place to spend time with amazing food, beautiful cities and incredibly friendly people. 

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Cadini di Misurina

The jagged peaks of the Cadini group of peaks at sunset, seen from Tre Cime di Laveredo

Lago Federa

Sunrise at Lago Federa on the Croda di Lago hike in the Italian Dolomites


Croda da Lago Sunrise

A few moments before the sun came over the peaks on the Croda da Lago trail in the Dolomites.


The jagged peaks of the Sassolungo wrapped in late afternoon cloud, seen from the top of Seceda in the Italian Dolomites

The Weather Window

We headed up to Passo Giau to shoot the famous peak of Ra Gusela, which dominates the view there, but the weather was much more dramatic looking in different directions and I captured this image looking south as one of the distant peaks was slowly engulfed by the heavy winter clouds.

Tre Cime Sunrise

The sun's first rays paint the peaks of Tre Cime di Lavaredo reflected in the still waters of Lago Antorno in the Dolomite mountains.


Tre Cime

Night falls at Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the Italian Dolomites.

Federa Mist

The beautiful tree lined Lago Federa in dawn mist on the Croda di Lago trek.


The sun's last light on the peak of Mount Civetta in the Dolomite mountains, Italy

Dolomite Peaks

The incredible range of peaks to the north of Tre Cime di Lavaredo lit by late evening light.

Marmolada Blue Hour

The snow capped peaks just before dawn, taken from the peak of 3200m Marmolada, the “Queen of the Dolomites”

Lagazuoi Panorama

A panorama from the top of 2750m Lagazuoi just after the sun has gone down in the Dolomites. From the left there is the peak of Antelao, then the jagged spires of the ridge of Croda da Lago with the tall peak of Pelmo in the background. In front of Pelmo is Ra Gusela, the peak that towers above Passo Giau

Alpi di Siusi

The blue hour just after the sun had gone down in Alpi di Siusi

Croda da Lago

Last light of the day picks out the towers and spires above Croda da Lago, taken from 2800m Lagazuoi

Cadini di Misurina

The peaks of the Cadini group at sunrise

Pelmo Snow Storm

Incredibly high winds of over 70kph and swirling snow made photography almost impossible on this sunrise, but I managed to grab this telephoto image of Mount Pelmo with the winds blowing snow from the surrounding peaks



It’s hard to get bored of the wonderful views in Tuscany’s Val d’Orcia in the morning, even one as iconic as Belvedere farmhouse.

Val d'Orcia   The iconic farmhouse of Belvedere in San Quirico d’Orcia at dawn on a recent workshop in Tuscany

Val d'Orcia

The iconic farmhouse of Belvedere in San Quirico d’Orcia at dawn on a recent workshop in Tuscany


The rolling hills of Val d'Orcia in mist at dawn

Cypress II

A burst of brilliant storm light just before sunset in the fields near San Quirico d'Orcia

Crete Senesi

Sunset in Crete Senesi. The barren hills and winding tree lined roads here have a very different feel to the more lush and familiar Val d'Orcia a little to the south

Crete Senesi

Late afternoon light backlights the flowers at Crete Senesi


The picturesque Capella di Vitaleta at dawn

Pienza Poppies   Poppies in a field near Pienza, in San Quirico d’Orcia

Pienza Poppies

Poppies in a field near Pienza, in San Quirico d’Orcia

Capella di Vitaleta

I first photographed this chapel in Tuscany on a misty morning 8 years ago and each time I return here it amazes me to see how little the whole area has changed.


A winding, cypress lined road across rolling hills to a stone farmhouse. It can only be Tuscany.
This image was taken in Crete Senesi, south of Siena.

Tuscan Light

These cypress trees near San Quirico d'Orcia must be among the most photographed trees in the world. It's still impossible to ignore them though, there's just something so appealing about their location, standing isolated in the rolling hills of Tuscany.


The iconic Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta standing atop one of the Val d'Orcia's hills in the last light of day beneath a stormy sky

Venice Sunset

The classic view from St Mark's square in Venice, looking across to the Chiesa di San Maggiore at sunset.

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