Portugal is my home and where I first started photography.  My first landscapes were done on the beaches here and my first street shots were done in Lisbon's old neighbourhoods.  Ten years later I still seem to be learning new things about shooting the streets here, finding new locations on the coastline.  We have great light almost all year round, and while the summer months are generally lacking in any cloud or interest in the skies, the autumn and spring are fantastic times for landscape photography with some truly dynamic weather.  

Despite living here for almost twenty years I still feel there's so much more of this country to discover, although photography has taken me from Porto in the north to Algarve in the south, and as far out as the most westerly point of Europe in the distant Azores islands.  Recently I've been partnering in a project for producing  guide books to the Lisbon region which has introduced me to even more of the incredibly stunning coastline around this part of the country, and I'm looking forward to showing some of these locations to workshops groups in the not-to-distant future.

I run workshops for both landscape and street photography in the Lisbon area.  Visit my Workshops page for more information.