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Portugal is my home and where I first started photography.  My first landscapes were done on the beaches here and my first street shots were done in Lisbon's old neighbourhoods.  Twelve years later I still seem to be learning new things about shooting the streets here, finding new locations on the coastline.  We have great light almost all year round, and while the summer months are generally lacking in any cloud or interest in the skies, the autumn and spring are fantastic times for landscape photography with some truly dynamic weather.  

Despite living here for almost twenty years I still feel there's so much more of this country to discover, although photography has taken me from Porto in the north to Algarve in the south, and as far out as the most westerly point of Europe in the distant Azores islands.  Recently I've been partnering in a project for producing  guide books to the Lisbon region which has introduced me to even more of the incredibly stunning coastline around this part of the country.



I took this image during a workshop I led one summer Saturday evening. We came across a couple of hundred percebes (goose neck barnacles) clinging to a plastic bottle.There were a couple of kilos here....and they can sell for around €80 per kilo.We left them in the ocean.

The Lion

The large stone arch at Praia do Ouriçal is often said to resemble a lion. The beach is located near Cado da Roca. mainland Europe's most westerly point and access down from the cliffs is rather challenging.

Louriçal Dusk

Sometimes overcast skies and dull weather can really bring out the mood in a landscape. This beach on Portugal's west coast is one of my favourites and I've shot it in many different conditions. The head skies we had in the spring really matched the atmosphere of the place.

Ursa Storm Light

I’ve been to Praia da Ursa many times to shoot seascapes over the years, but this weekend was the first time I’ve ever been there when a storm front has blown in bringing with it a wonderful clear light alongside almost black skies. I've always believed that to get the best waterscapes you need to get your feet wet and this image was made with the tripod in the water and pressed down into the sand so it remained stable when the waves moved around it.

The Shoulder of Giants

A self portrait of the Milky Way above Cabo da Roca on Portugal's west coast


Capela do Senhor da Pedra is beautifully situated on a rocky outcrop in the Altantic Ocean in the village of Miramar, about 30 minutes south of Porto. I first saw images of it years and years ago and it’s been on my list of locations to shoot ever since. When we decided to spend a few days in Porto I checked the tide timetables to ensure we picked a time when high tide would coincide with sunset so I could shoot the chapel surround by water. I had no idea that I would get so lucky with the weather and light, and spent a happy hour photographing it as the sun went down getting very wet in the process - you simply can’t shoot scenes like this and keep your feet and your tripod dry. I used a Lee 2 stop graduated filter to control the highlights in the sky, and a Lee two stop neutral density filter to slow the exposure a little.

Capela do Senhor das Pedras

Capela do Senhor da Pedra during the blue hour a little after sunset. This is a long exposure using a Lee 2 stop neutral density filter.

Incoming Storm

A winter storm blows in from the Atlantic Ocean on Portugal's Costa Vicentina

Adraga Storm

A spring storm above Praia da Adraga, Portugal



A panning shot of Lisbon's famous 28 tram in late afternoon light.


An abstract architectural study of the beautiful forms of the new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) in Lisbon


I used a neutral density filter to capture this long exposure at Fundação Champalimaud, Lisbon during the blue hour after sunset.

Champalimaud Self Portrait

Rainfall created a slick surface on the stones which made it possible to shoot reflections as the sun set at Fundaçao Champalimaud in Lisbon. After shooting the image and reviewing it on my camera, I realised it needed a sense of scale, and so set the camera's self timer up and shot the image again as a self portrait.

Vasco da Gama   Sunrise at Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisbon

Vasco da Gama

Sunrise at Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisbon

Vasco da Gama Dawn

The first light of morning at Vasco da Gama bridge in Lisbon, Portugal

Oriente   The long corridors of the Oriente train and bus station in Lisbon


The long corridors of the Oriente train and bus station in Lisbon

Summer in the City

Two kids ride gokarts beneatht the waterfalls at the end of the day in Parque das Nações

The Birds

Pigeons take to the skies as a man walks his dog in the streets of Bairro Alto, Lisbon

Lello & Irmão

Lello bookshop in Porto was voted one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world. It’s a tiny place with beautifully carved ceilings and shelves and this amazingly graceful gothic staircase, which really is a wonder of design and craftsmanship.



A zebra in Lisbon Zoo


Faial Forest

Sunlight cuts through the mist just after dawn in a forest on Faial, Azores

Flores Falls

The island of Flores, one of the outermost of the Azores islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is full of magnificent waterfalls. There are simply too many to count and many of them, like this one in the Riba do Ferreiro, have no path or easy access. To get to this point I had to climb up through thick vegetation, then scramble up the rocks at the side of the falls.

Flores Sunset

Waterfalls tumble down the cliffs above Faja Grande on the west coast of Flores in the Azores at sunset

Lagoa do Capitão

A long exposure of Mount Pico at sunset take at Lagoa do Capitão, Pico, Azores

Almoxarife Dawn

Waves wash onto the black sand beach of Almoxarife on the island of Faial in the Azores. Across the narrow channel the mountain and island of Pico rise above the ocean