Thank you for a great workshop experience & for your great company over the 4 days.  I really enjoyed the group, the shooting, the accommodation, the food, the differing locations & most of all, the opportunity to shoot consistently over an extended period.  The eye has a chance to hone in on good light & composing moves closer to becoming second nature (or perhaps, third or fourth nature but definitely out of double figures!)
— Brendan Jack, Dubai
The Light Explorers Photography workshop led by Andy in The Italian Dolomites was an amazing experience. This was my first time taking part in a photography workshop and I could not think of a better team than Andy, Kostas and Kostantinos. Their attention to detail and expertise of the area led to a seamless and hassle-free week in Italy. Adapting to weather and lighting conditions, no time wasted in getting the absolute most out of the locations we visited. They provided the right balance of individualized attention and artistic freedom in helping me to develop my own shooting style. With every location I was compelled to create even more interesting compositions than the next. Because of my time in the Dolomites I have developed a new found passion for nature and all things photography.
— Marc DeSalvo, USA
The Light Explorer’s Landscape Photography Workshop led by Andy in Tuscany was everything I hoped it would be and more!  The education and advice was constructive and appropriately challenging and stretched me to focus on the details, implement new techniques and develop my style and goals for my photography.

The team of instructors come alongside you from the start and are highly engaging, offering assistance, education and their professional perspectives to help you come away with a successful photographic experience.  Each instructor offers his unique insight, which I found encouraging because there are numerous ways to achieve excellent results.  Andy and the team were very attentive to the participants throughout the entire workshop.  I felt like we were all the best of friends sharing an awesome photographic adventure!  Beautiful and inspiring landscapes.  Insightful conversations, instruction, and critiques with professionals who openly share their knowledge - just what a great photo workshop should be!

Andy and the team took great care of their participants, and this was the best photographic workshop I have experienced.  I look forward to future workshops with them.
— Pam Stennett, USA
Have you ever studied or been mentored by someone who is at the top of his or her game?  The passion for their craft is evident.  They are fully engaged in what they are the best at….no diversions, only focus.  This is Mr. Mumford.

We talked for hours not just about the operational business of the camera, f stops, ISO and shutter speed, but how images convey the stories and emotions of their subjects.  He encouraged us to think differently, be purposeful, look at the angles and curves.  See the chaos, make it beautiful.

Andy encouraged us to find a way to express ourselves in the photographs, to see what is interesting to us and how we can communicate that to others.
— Terry & Terry Harrison Herbeck, USA
The light explorers workshop I did with Andy was a great experience, the photographers were a great bunch of people, being super attentive, everything well organised and we were able to see some amazing landscapes in Iceland. A very talented group of photographers
— Stephen Vincent-Grace, Australia
Many Thanks Andy and the team for these terrific 4 days we’ve spent in the workshop with lots of fun, companionship, and of course, your expertise, committment and passion ! Could not be happier with the experience ! Hope this gets to be the first of many to come.
— Hugo Antonio, Portugal
I thoroughly enjoyed the six day Dolomites workshop. I was impressed by the outstanding organisation, the wonderful locations we visited, and the excellent, personalised instruction we received. The accommodation and meals were also of very high quality.
— Rodney Topor, Australia
 I’m so glad I came to your workshop. I had a great experience, it really was a fun group and you were beyond hospitable and helpful.It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Bravo.
— Joan Lyons, USA
I have had the good fortune of working with Andy for a number of years.  He has taken me to various locations in Portugal, all of which were hand picked places of beauty and interest for a keen eyed landscape photographer. On each occasion, his workshops have been rich and varied experiences, both technically and artistically.  

Andy has such empathy towards his students. He not only explains how to create a worthwhile image, but also demonstrates why his techniques work; guiding you through the depth and subtleties of photography. I have always found that the knowledge gained from working with Andy rubs off in such a way that it stays with you permanently.
— David Cornelius-Reid, UK
I had a day and a half workshop one-on-one with Andy in Lisbon and the whole experience fully lived up to my high expectations. Lisbon and it’s surrounding coastline are brilliant locations for the photographer and Andy’s love and enthusiasm for his home city were quite infectious. Being a new Fuji shooter, Andy‘s advice and guidance were particularly relevant, in addition to which I picked up a few post-processing tips. Photography aside, Andy is great company: all in all, a terrific weekend.
— Chris Jenkins, Switzerland
Thanks again for the great time! It felt like a little adventure and I enjoyed it very much!!!
— Marcel de Grijs, Netherland
Andy, Konstantinos and Kostas are a great team who prepared and run the workshop that was both wonderful in terms of photography but also entertaining and enjoyable. The mixture of mentality and background within the leading group as well as the participants made the whole workshop a very lively undertaking. Tuscany is a great place to go to, even when the weather is not so perfect, but the way this workshop is run is unique. Andy, Konstantinos and Kostas provided every support necessary while making photographs in great locations and also on how to process these images afterwards. My highlight was that feedback and critique was provided in a very helpful way.

The workshop truly provides great value for money.
— Wolfgang Harnisch, Austria
I spent a fantastic week in Tuscany with Andy, Kostas and Kostantinos. It was an incredibly valuable experience toward improving my landscape photography.

They provided individualized attention in a relaxed environment that allowed one the freedom to experiment. The non-photography part of the workshop (food, lodging,  and travel to locations) was completely hassle-free. Because of my positive experience, I signed up for their workshop in the Dolomites.
— Scott Garland, USA
The workshop in the Dolomites was absolutely fantastic. We visited a number of stunning locations during a very well-planed trip, and I felt I could concentrate on photography while all else was taken care of. There was plenty of opportunity for great one-on-one time with Andy, Kostas and Konstantinos, who are all tremendously knowledgable and provided great insight into all aspects of the process, from shooting through processing. Great getting to know everyone in our group as well. Thanks for a tremendous experience! 
— Adam Stern, Canada
Just returned from Andy’s Dolomites workshop and feel I learned heaps. His two partner photographers made sure that between 6 participants we all had a lot of 1-1 input. I have been on quite a few photo trips and this one certainly hits the 10 for input and tuition. Brilliant and thank you Andy, Kostas and Kostantinos. The locations were varied and interesting and the accommodation really comfy. We had two locations and my favourite one was the first one by a mile - it was much wilder and rocky rugged. The second location was more gentle and green. However - it was a good contrast and very interesting to get  a more complete picture of the region. Thank you all again.
— Pamela Jones, UK
“This was my first photography workshop and I was quite anxious about it. After spending a week in the Dolomites I have to say I’m glad I took the plunge. I learned a lot, I photographed places I would otherwise not have seen, and I built confidence that I did not develop in years of shooting on my own.
We had three instructors for 6 participants and I can’t stress enough how beneficial that was. Andy, Konstantinos and Kostas all offer different insights, different tips and have their own style of shooting. Also, there is always somebody available to help with your composition, suggest different approaches or judge your last shot.
Apart from their photographical expertise I was impressed by the patience and cordiality of all three
— Egon Scherl, Austria
Skaftafell potrait.jpg
Discovering Tuscany with Andy and his colleagues was a very enjoyable experience for me. Tuscany obviously is an iconic destination for landscape photography, but what made this trip quite special was the mood of the accompanying pros. Not only did we cover great spots, but we did it in a proactive way, being stimulated to discover the very best shooting spots, the best framing and taking opportunity of the best light. Every part of the shooting experience was covered by the three pros with their own angle, from the very technical aspects to the spiritual mood you could adopt in order to boost your artistic creativity. A very complete and stimulating experience I would warmly recommend.
—  Pierre C, Switzerland 
The Iceland workshop was a pleasure despite the rigours of sleeping like an ocean-going sailor - i.e. in bouts of 3-4 hours. It was well worth it to get the light. It rubbed off on me as I now get up - occasionally - at 5 AM to get the sunrise. Never ever did that before. I am now longing for winter.

The other pleasing aspect was that we talked about composition much more than Photoshop layers. I like that. And Andy and the team did a stellar job of asking questions rather than than just giving answers. Many thanks.
— Chris Thompson, France
 Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. I had the greatest time in Lisbon thanks to the workshop I did with Andy. I learned a lot  and it inspired me to think differently about my approach to pictures and what to try out. 

 Moreover, I was able to experience Lisbon in a way that I could never have without the workshop.
— Christian Laux, Austria
 Thank you once again for your hospitality!! I really had a great time at the workshop and enjoyed learning with you!!  
— Lydia Anastasiou, Greece
I really enjoyed the weekend, it was perfectly judged for me, balancing inspiration with tips and technique.
— John Brownbridge, UK