Over the course of this year I've been to some incredible beaches on Portugal's coast.  While researching and shooting with my friend Rob for the Alem Lisboa guide book and hiking project we've been working on we've headed out to some pretty off-the-beaten-path locations, and Praia do Giribeto is certainly one of them.  Located at the foot of what at first seem to be sheer cliffs, the beach is described on a local website like this:  

"The access is via a dirt path by the villages of Assafora and Magoito that ends in a high difficulty trail on the cliff top, towards the sand. It's advisable to access the beach by sea."

On closer observation however there is a clear path going down which the fishermen use, and in the particularly steep places there's a rope to hold on to.  So access isn't super easy, but it's not as tricky as beaches like Ouriçal and Aroeira further down the coast.

I was there to shoot photos for the book, and was blessed with some incredible dramatic lighting conditions as the low winter sun combined with the haze and sea spray in the air.  

However, I also took the opportunity to shoot some video.  I've just received a DJI OSMO+ camera and motorised gimbal, and also had the Fuji X-T2 with me, which shoots really nice footage, so I tried to shoot a few scenes to get the hang of using both cameras, and then try to edit together a very shot film in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.  Top of my to-do list for next year is to learn how to shoot and edit video as I have lots of ideas for things I'd like to do both with the Alem Lisboa project, as well as with Fuji X Passion and other personal projects.  When learning something new you've got to start somewhere, and so this was my first attempt at shooting hi resolution footage and cutting it together in Adobe Premiere Pro.  I haven't graded or colour steps.  I leave that for the next video I shoot.