Years ago, before I was even seriously interested photography, I came across David Burdeny's Drift series of images and they really caught my imagination.  Back then I didn't even realise they were photographs, I wasn't sure what they were to be honest, I just loved the simplicity and colour.  There was a clarity and minimalism about them that really appealed to me.

I came across them again years later when I was learning more and more about photography and was fascinated by long exposures of water, another of David Burdeny's specialities.  This time I looked at them with a photographers eye and realised that they were blurred images, and an attempt to capture the essence of a the landscape in as minimal way as possible...just the colour and light with the removal of form.

I never got around to attempted any of my own though, but a recent conversation with my friend and fellow photographer, Nuno Simões reminded me of them.  Nuno was telling me about ICM, or intentional camera movement photography, where movement during the exposure to blur the image creates an impressionistic feel in the photograph.  While not being quite the same thing as David Burdeny's work, the inspiration and intention behind it was enough to remind me of his work and make me want to try it for myself.

The resulting images don't really fit in with my portfolio and I won't be uploading them into my galleries, but I enjoyed creating them and a blog post where they are all featured together is probably the best way of displaying them.

And yes, I'm aware I haven't explained how I did them, it's not at all complicated whichever method you use, but I found that playing around with different things and experimenting was a big part of the fun.