Carrasqueira is a location I've photographed many times, but not for a couple of years and not since I'd made the switch to Fuji.  With the skies looking interesting I made the hour and a half drive down to the estuary of the Sado river hoping that even though the tide was going to be quite low, there would still be enough water to shoot long exposures.

As it turned out I was disappointed, the water had receded revealing the mud that the piers stand in.  I'd also hoped to shoot some video, but the wind was so strong that it proved impossible, even with a microphone.  The sky, however, was lovely and I passed the time there looking for alternative compositions and attempting to shoot the location in different ways to how I had done previously.  It's always great to be out with the camera, particularly in such a peaceful place with a sunset like this, and while the images won't make it into my portfolio it was still a worthwhile trip.