I started using Capture One about 9 months ago and in that time it's slowly replaced Lightroom as my main image editor. Since I’ve used it in some of my workflow videos it’s something that I’ve received a lot go questions about so I’ve decide to put together this overview of Capture One looking at my own experience as a landscape photography and explaining a few tips that I’ve found made the learning curve a little easier, as well as a few tips that I use for post processing my images.

The video isn't meant to compare Lightroom with Capture One and say which software is better.  They are both different and I still  find that I use Lightroom in my workflow as it has tools like photo-merging of panoramas and exposure bracketed images which Capture One doesn’t have.   Nor do I go into great depth about all the different features of Capture One, the best place for that kind of information is the Capture One Learning Hub

I’ve split the video into 7 parts:

  • 1 - The Workspace 3:00

  • 2 - File Organisation 6:04

  • 3 - Adjustments:  Contrast 8:57

  • 4 - Adjustments:  Layers  11:34

  • 5 - Adjustments: Luma Masks 17:10

  • 6 - Adjustments:  Colour 19:38

  • 7 - Exporting 22:57

If you’re interested in trying out Capture One Pro you can click on the banner below and download the trial or buy the full version. This is an affiliate link.