Iceland is just one of those places that all landscape photographers have to go.  For such a small island, the diversity of landscapes is breathtaking.   Waterfalls are everywhere caused by the run off from the huge glaciers in the centre, and then there are the incredible colourful rocks in the highlands and the stunning beauty of the Westfjords.  It's also a country where one visit will never be enough, there's just too much to see there.  You could quite happily spend a couple of weeks just driving around the ring road visiting the well known locations like Skogafoss, Vik, Godafoss and the Vestrahorn, but that would be to miss out on the other-worldly magnificence of the central highlands and the thousands of lesser know locations that are everywhere in Iceland. It's also a country of rapidly changing weather which can go from moody low cloud to sweeping light in a matter of minutes and where it's always possible to fit the tone of your photography with the mood of the light.  It's an awe inspiring place, and I'm excited to be leading workshops and introducing this incredible county to other people starting in 2018.

2018 Landscape Photography Workshops in Iceland

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  Austurkròkur Aerial   Colour version of the aerial view of Austurkròkur, where the river Brandsgil spreads across the desert plain in the Fjallabak highlands