Iceland is just one of those places that all landscape photographers have to go.  For such a small island, the diversity of landscapes is breathtaking.   Waterfalls are everywhere caused by the run off from the huge glaciers in the centre, and then there are the incredible colourful rocks in the highlands and the stunning beauty of the Westfjords.  We rented a car and slowly made our way around the island, stopping off at the various points along the way to explore.  The central highlands was our first stop, then we headed east to see the glacial lagoon full of icebergs at Jokulsarlon.  After that we headed north to the beautiful waterfalls of Godafoss and Detifoss, before heading off the beaten track to the Westfjords, a part of the country that few visitors make it to.  Despite going there in August, which should have been summer, we had some truly terrible weather and on one day the temperatures sunk to a little above 0º.  But you don't go to Iceland for the weather, you go to be awe-inspired by the kind of otherworldly landscapes that exist only in this utterly unique and beautiful place.

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