There's something magical about snowy winters and northern Norway is a wonderful place to be photographically when the world turns white.  The Lofoten Islands are characterised by breath-taking landscapes of deep blue fjords and jagged peaks populated by fishing communities that have called these remote islands home for centuries.  In winter the place is a stunningly beautiful as the land is carpeted in white and the red wooden huts that have become iconic of the area make splashes of colour in this most dramatic of landscapes.

Landscape photography workshop in the Lofoten Islands

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Northern Sunrise

The first light of the day above the peaks of Lofoten, Norway.


The fishing cabins of Hamnøy on a cloudy and snowy morning in the Lofoten Islands


A red fisherman's hut provides a splash of colour against the white snowy landscape of the Lofoten Islands

White & Blue

The clear blue water of an almost frozen fjord surrounded by the a fresh snowfall in the Lofoten Islands, Norway


The iconic yellow cabin in Sakrisøy below the peaks of the Reinefjorden


Last light of day at Uttakleiv beach in the Lofoten Islands, Norway

Vareid Storm

Stormy weather and high winds brings waves racing up the beach at Vareid

Uttakleiv Blue Hour

Rocks and tidal pools at Uttakleiv beach in Lofoten in the blue hour after sunset

Sunrise in Vareid

The sun's first light paints the snow covered peaks of Lofoten in winter. I shot this from the ice covered rocks of Vareid.


Low tide reveals rock pools on a cloudy sunrise in Vareid, the Lofoten Islands

Hamnøy Sunrise

A colourful winter sunrise above the island of Hamnøy in Lofoten, Norway.


The northern lights above the peaks next to Haukland beach. This is a self portrait taken from neighbouring Vík beach.

Reine Harbour

The harbour at Reine in Norway's Lofoten Islands in a blue hour snow storm,

Mountain Light

Dynamic light at sunrise paints the peaks golden in the Lofoten Islands

Skagsanden Aurora

The northern lights dances above the beach at Skagsanden in Lofoten

Hamnøy Blue Hour

The iconic red cabins of Hamnøy island looking out over the Reinefjord just after sunset. Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten Mountains

Low lying cloud surrounds the granite peaks in the Lofoten Island