We've just returned from our trip to Burma.  What an amazing place it is!
I've never been to a place which not only  lived up to expectations, but consistently exceeded them.  A beautiful country with a wonderful people, we had so many fantastic experiences there and the trip left us feeling richer and sad to have to leave.

There will be plenty more blog posts to come as I sort through the images and try to combine them into coherent photo essays that communicate the essence of each place we visited, but first up is Bangkok.  If you're flying into Burma from Europe, Bangkok is by far the easiest connecting point, and we decided to spend a night here getting over jet lag from the long flight east before making the small hop to Yangon.

We didn't really have a lot of time, and photography wasn't the plan for Bangkok. The aim was to get some good food and have a quick wander round a couple of temples and some of the neighborhoods like Banglampoo and Chinatown.

Of course, from a photography point of view, I really wanted to get one shot that defined Bangkok, and I couldn't think of a better subject than the ubiquitous tuc tuc.
To really capture the essence of tuc tucs, I think you need to show them moving as a blur of colour, so I spent a while playing around with shutter speeds and doing panning shots as they whizzed by.  Lots of fun!