Back in February, Hugo and Mauricio from Fuji X Passion joined me for a day in Lisbon with the aim making a film about street photography, while exploring the city from sunrise to sunset.

We wanted the film to be about the joy of street photography with this wonderful city as a back drop, and as we move from location to location I try to give an insight into each image and my process when shooting light and fast street scenes as they unfold before my eyes.

We also wanted the film to show what an amazing place Lisbon is with its atmospheric neighbourhoods, winding streets, steeps hills and views across the river, and so we filmed aerial footage with a drone, shot time-lapses as well as handheld video film all over the city, starting with sunrise looking out across the rooftops towards the river, and finishing with a sunset, again next to thethe river, but this time next to the beautiful modern architecture of MAAT.

Lisbon.  Light on the City is both an informative look at street photography and a stunning visual journey around one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.  

You can find out more about the film and purchase it on Fuji X Passion’s website, and to whet your appetite I’ve cut together a short teaser trailer using just the drone footage I shot on that day.  There's also a full trailer featuring the introduction of the film,