I've been playing around with the Mavic Pro for about 3 months now, getting more confident with flying it and trying to get the best out of the drone.  I've experimented with both the camera and gimbal settings to try to get the footage looking as smooth as possible, and last week headed out to the forests of Sintra at sunrise to make a short video about what I've found works best.

The camera is sensitive to sharpening.  Reduce it too much and the Mavics noise reduction turns shadows into mush, removing detail that's impossible to put back in editing, but have the sharpening too high and it produces a lot of artefacts and moiré in repeated detail.  

The default settings for controlling the drone and it's gimbal are also quite sensitive making it hard to get smooth footage, particularly when trying to pan upwards or downwards with the gimbal wheel.

So check out the video with the settings I'm using at the moment, along with some footage I took as the sun came up over the Sintra forests.