I’ve just returned from leading a workshop in the gorgeous rolling hills of Tuscany and next month I’ll be in Iceland to lead two workshops in some of the most stunning landscapes in the world.  However, when I’m not travelling I often lead small or 1-to-1 workshops in my home city of Lisbon and on the coast here.

The coast west of Lisbon has some of the most wild and wonderful beaches for photography that I’ve ever seen and it’s always a pleasure to take people there shooting.  One evening we headed down to Praia da Ursa to shoot the sunset and while we there a huge storm blew in from the Atlantic. The light was wonderful, but the hike back up the narrow trail to the top of the cliffs was a bit tricky in torrential rain.  By the time we got to the top we were soaked to the skin

On another evening I headed out to Louriçal, the beach right next to Cabo da Roca. Sadly we didn’t get the special light we were treated to at Ursa, but the thick overcast cloud made for some moody images

The following morning, the clouds cleared around sunrise giving us some fantastic conditions for capturing Vasco da Gama bridge.


If you’re interested in doing a workshop with me in Lisbon, or joining me in Iceland, Italy or Norway, have a look at my workshops page or drop me a line.